Z shaped conveyors

Product Details:
Voltage 415V
Power 2HP
Power Source AC
Material Mild Steel
Frequency 50Hz

Z shaped conveyors are designed in the shape of letter Z. These machines are able to pick the items from a horizontal surface and then move it further on an angle and then place it again on a plain surface. These conveyors are of the most versatile type in which the work can be done with any type of material and items. These conveyors reduce the chances of bending or harms to the objects. These covers are most suitable for the loading and unloading processes of the items from big trucks. The whole structure is designed in a way that the items can easily pick and dropped to the location. We are also serving our clients with high-quality Z shaped conveyors.

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Highlights of our Z shaped conveyors


These conveyors can be used to handle different type of works in the industry. Variety of types, sizes, and weights of the objects can be transferred from one place to another. These conveyors can be used in different industries like food, metal, beverages, grains, tea, sugar, etc. Because of its different applications, these conveyors are highly demanded in the industries as compared to other types of conveyors.

Able to withstand harsh conditions

If you are using these conveyors in a harsh industrial environment then there is no need to worry about this too. We have made these machines in such a way that they can give you the proper results even in the condition where other conveyors cannot even work. We will manufacture the conveyor with customized material according to the material for which you want to use this.

We have special services for quick repair and maintenance too. The conveyors will have very fewer problems if used appropriately under constant conditions. For other queries, feel free to contact us.

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