VFFS Packaging Machine with Multi-Head Weigher

Product Details:
Packing Range Up to 2 Kgs. (Depends upon product density).
Sealing Type Center seal, Intermittent Type.
Film Type Heat sealable, Pet Poly.
Measuring Method Load Cell Based combination weighing.
Liquid crystal and touch screen with optional language makes it easy to operate.
Speed Up to 100 Pouches per min. (Depends upon product, weight & Numbers of heads)
Electric Control By PLC with touch screen HMI.
Temp. Controller PID control, Digital 45 x 45 mm.
Paper Pulling By Pulling belts & Pneumatic Pressure.
Compressed Air 6 CFM at 6 Bar Pressure
Power Required Three phase, 440 VAC, 50 Hz, 6 kW.
Optional Attachment Platform with Staircase, Pendulum Bucket Elevator, Infeed Conveyor,
Outfeed conveyor, Four Line Ink Coding System

Automatic Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines (Collar type) with Multihead weigh filler (10 / 14 heads) is used to weigh & fill products such as Granular / Sticky regular / irregular shape material by using highly accurate and fast method comprising multi head combination weighing.

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To increase the packaging speed, precision and provide anti-jamming packaging services, a VFFS Packaging machine with multi-head weigher will is good for it. This machine is helpful to weigh the appropriate amount of the material and then further pack it in a pouch. This machine is suitable to pack a variety of products such as powders, grains, sugar, tea, etc. This machine fills a precise amount of material into the pouch. The material is filled before the packaging into its main feeder which further sends it to multiple heads and then fills them into the packs.

Why choose Ipack India for this machine?

IPack India is a manufacturer, dealer, and supplier of this machine. We have designed these machines to work in harsh industrial conditions. This machine is capable to handle any amount of work easily. You will get maximum outputs from these machines and will get fast food packaging which will increase your company outcomes too.

Superior Build Quality

This machine has a premium build quality. The machine is made up of laser cut stainless steel and designed in a way that it can have a long life. This machine has the capability to do quick weighing and then packing of the materials. The machine can easily do it works for a variety of products. Its multi-head weigher system can be used for the purpose of packing and mixing of different items.

Smooth Functioning

This machine works very smooth and fast. It has many other advantages which are not there in other types of packaging machines. There are very fewer chances of failures if the proper maintenance is given to the machine from time to time. The work will get easier when you operate it in a good work environment with professional operators.

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