VFFS Packaging Machines with cup filling system

Product Details:
Product Specification The VFFS (Volumetric Cup Filler) Collar Type Machine is suitable for packing granules various applications like Pulses, Rice, Sugar, Suji, Tea, Snacks, Pesticides,etc upto 1 kg.
Pack Size 100gms-1000gm
Roll Width 150mm (Min) - 400mm (Max)
Automation PLC Controlled, PID Temp Controller, HMI
Speed 40-50 Bag/Min (Depend on the product and Quantity to be packed)
Type of Bag Center Seal
Power Supply 415VAC, 3 Phase, 50Hz
Consumption 3.8 KW
Compressed Air Required 6CFM@6 Bar
Product Contact Parts SS-304
Optional Batch Coding Device, Nitrogen flushing unit, infeed conveyor, outfeed conveyor, Batch cutting unit, Pouch gusseting unit

This vertical Form Filling Sealing machine is mostly used in the food industry for the packaging of an accurate amount of material in the cups. This machine does the work of filling materials in a vertical way. These machines provide a predefined amount to the cups and you can further seal them using the appropriate sealing materials. These machines can be utilized to fill non-food products too according to your needs. If you are looking for a good filling machine then it can be the best choice for you

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Why IPack India is best to choose for this machine?

Ipack India is working for a long time to provide reliable service in the industrial solutions, especially in the packaging machines. This machine has collected a lot of appreciations for the company. The machine can be easily set up in the workspace and it is ready to do any type of filling work you give to it.

Advanced Sensor System

While making automatic machines, it is necessary to use good sensors. We have taken care of sensors to provide the most accurate measurements and filling processes. Our expert engineers always provide the best solutions to make the best machine designs. The machines are manufactured in advanced production houses and then tested with a good testing environment. Our main focus is always on the preciseness.

Fully Automatic System

We have designed the machine in a way that it can run totally on its own. The machine is good to handle the works once it is started and fed with the required things for the packing and filling processes. You just have to make sure to properly start the machine and leave everything to it. We promise that the machine will provide you the best filling services as you want for it.

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