VFFS Packaging Machine with Auger Filling system

Product Details:
Feeding Head Auger Screw Filler with Servo Driven motor.
Production Speed 60-70 pouches per minutes
Film Material Laminated
Type of Sealer Hermatic Sealing System
Filling Accuracy Filling Accuracy /- 1% (Max)
Style of Pack Center Seal Pillow Type
Compressed Air Pressure 6kg / cm2 at the application point,
the moisture contain should not be more than 0.1%
Machine Control System P.L.C (Screen touch Programmed Logic Controller).
Power Requirement 3 Phase, 415 V, 50Hz - 3%

VFFS (Collar Type) with Auger Filler is an PLC controlled intermittent Center Seal Bag making machine suitable for packing various kind of powders like Atta, Besan, Maida, etc upto 1Kg in a Heat Sealable Laminates such as PET / MET BOPP/ POLY , Paper laminate etc.

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Why choose IPack India for this machine?

IPack India is the best service to choose for different types of industrial machinery. This machine is also introduced by the company with improved outputs. This machine provides satisfactory results while packing the items. We have provided all the necessary features by which it becomes very popular in the industry.

Precise Filling

We have made this machine to do the most precise filling works. The machine can give the most accurate fillings under its range of cycles per minute. The work will become more fast and easy when you are getting a desired amount of material in the packs defined by you. The machine is equipped with advanced sensor and handling systems which provide the complete trustfulness to the clients in the most affordable prices. This machine works more efficiently when it is fed with suitable material for which it is designed.

Easy Installation

We will install this to your work easily and quickly with the help of our installation team. We will make sure to install it in a way that it can be utilized with its full potential. We do the necessary audits and amendments before the installation to increase the capabilities and reliability of the machine.

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