VFFS collar type Machines with Auger ( 5 & 10 Kgs powder)

Product Details:
Product Specification VFFS (Collar Type) is an PLC controlled intermittent Center Seal Bag making machine can pack up to 10 Kg of various kind of Powder suitable for wide range of heat sealable film such as PET / MET BOPP/ POLY ,Paper laminate. Etc.
Feeding head Auger Screw Filler with Servo Driven motor.
Production Speed 12 – 15 pouches per minutes @ 5kg
8 – 10 pouches per minutes @ 10kg
Machine control system P.L.C (Screen touch Programmed Logic Controller).
Packing range 5 – 10kg
Filling Accuracy +/- 1% (Max)
Type of Sealer Hermetic Sealing System
Style of Pack Center sealed Pillow type.
Compressed Air pressure 6kg / cm2 at 40 C.
Air consumption 40 m3 / Hour.
Power Consumption 7 kW / Hour.
Peak Power 10 kW.
Power requirement 3 Phase, 415V, 50Hz

This machine is made for filling the powders vertically into the pouches. The machine can handle the filling works of any type of powders smoothly. This machine has its applications in different industries like salt, detergent powders, etc. The powders are difficult to fill in the desired packets or bottles, but by using this machine, the whole work will become easy for you. These auger based collar type VFFS machines are fast and reliable in their works. Once you started using this, your workflow will be enhanced and you will start getting proper results by it.

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Why choose IPack India for this machine?

IPack India is providing its service in this machine too. We are manufacturing and delivering these type of machines from a long ago. We are one of the most recognized firms to provide packaging machines to different industries. We are providing VFFS Collar type machines with Auger which are capable to fill one five and ten kgs of powder.

Fast Working and Reliability

The machine provides a fast work output and also reliable services which can enhance your industrial works. The machine has a wonderful design to give the proper response for every desired work. Its working is smooth and as a result, it gives its proper support to the industries by fulfilling their demands.

The machine is only able to do its work with powder products so when it is used only for the powders, it will give it a long life and chances to do its works efficiently. This machine also has the advantages of less power consumption and more output generation. The machine is able to run on its own as it is a type of automatic machine. We are also proving wonderful support services for every type of your needs.

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