Vertical Mill Mixer

Product Details:
Material Grade S304
Vessel diameter 900mm
Vessel height 1500mm
Batch Size 120 Kg
Mixing screw driver motor 0.37KW

This is a popular machine used in the food industry for the blending works of different food items. Not only in the food industry, but this machine also has its application in many other fields. The machine is run by heavy duty machines along with an advanced controlling system. The machine does its work in a vertical direction. The material is filled on its big drum places in the vertical alignment. This mixer work very well for mixing grains, nuts, and other raw materials. There are many different ways to use this machine and get the most out of it. The way this machine work is very efficient. You have to put very fewer efforts while using the machine in the industry.

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Why choose IPack India?

IPack India is a famous supplier of vertical mill mixer and other food processing systems. This machine is made with highly precise systems to give you the most accurate results. The machine has a great internal structure by which it blends everything very quickly and perfectly. The motor used in the machines are highly advanced and consume very less energy as compared to others.

Long Service Life

This mixer is made with advanced production material and great engineering technique. The advanced manufacturing techniques increase their life more and also provide great opportunities for companies to grow their businesses. The machine can be easily used to perform any blending action on any food product. We have used high-quality stainless steel for its production which gives its smooth finishing along with great build quality.

Rust Proof Structure

As we know the machine is made up of stainless steel, so there are no chances that it will get rust on its surface. Its building material is made with the advanced industrial techniques by which it has become the choice of different food industries.

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