Sugar Packing Machine

Product Details:
Roll Width 150mm(Min) - 400mm(Max)
Speed 45-50 Bag/Min (Depend on the product and Quantity to be packed)
Automation PLC Controlled,PID Temp. Controller,HMI etc
Pack Size 30gms-1000gm(Powder),50ml -1000ml (Liquid)
Type of Bag Center Seal
Power Supply 415VAC,3 Phase,50Hz
Consumption 3.8 KW
Compressed Air Required 6CFM@6 Bar
Product Contact Parts SS-304/316L
The Collar Type Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine is suitable for packing various applications like Pulses, Rice, Sugar, Salt, Suji, Aatta, Tea, Snacks, Pesticides, Milk powder, Maida upto 1 kg. The Packaging material, can be used any heat sealable laminates.The machine can be supply with continuous sealing bar or impulse sealing for material like LDPE,HDPE, LLDPE, etc. All Product Contact parts are made of SS-316, / SS-304

To keep your industrial packaging speed high and consistent, Innovative Pack Teck is serving you with the best machines. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier for the best sugar packing machines for a different type of pouches and bags.

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According to your needs, we are able to serve you with the desired machines. We use highly toughened and rust-free materials to manufacture these machines. Also, powerful industrial standard motors allow the machines to work on their highest capabilities. We have each industrial solution to enhance your business growth. You will be able to get any type of machine to fulfil your small or huge packaging needs. We will give you the heavy duty machines which will be ready to handle any amount of work easily.

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