Slat Conveyors

Product Details:
Product Specification Slat conveyors are conveyors which have steel/ Plastic slats. Slats can be of different thickness depending upon the job weight. Slats are placed very close to each other so that the job moves easily on the conveyor. Even fixtures can be welded to slats to carry different types of jobs on them.
these conveyor systems provide vital support in applications involving processing of raw material. Some of its features include finding use in continuous production process, offer suitable conveying support for small viscosity based materials and high temperature hot material, provide for stable and reliable operation, long service life, choice of availability in OEM specifications.
Type Slat Chain Conveyor
Material Stainless Steel
Material Handling Capacity 50-100 kg per feet, 1-50 kg per feet
Length 10-20 feet, 1-10 feet, 20-40 feet, 60-100 feet
Width 100 mm to 300 mm
Speed 3 to 15 mtr/min.
Side guide 2 Way
Conveyor SS chain

Slat Conveyors are made up by joining different pieces to form an endless chain. These conveyors are highly flexible and able to take huge loads through them. Slat Conveyors are made for the purpose of moving the objects from turns or to the locations where the simple and straight conveyor cannot reach. These conveyors can improve the whole production process because they can move the objects to a tough location in very less time. These chains are moved with the help of motors and driven by the sprockets. These conveyors are made up of wood or metallic plates which are also capable to handle the heated loads.

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Highlights of our slat Conveyors

Easy Installation

Slat conveyors are hard to install in the actual industry but with our wonderful setup teams, we are able to install this easily to the desired locations. If you want bends in the conveyors then we will do this too. We have world class tools to install these conveyors quickly to your companies. By using our services, you will have access to high-end conveyors providing ease to your different industrial works.

Made with tough materials

To handle the industrial works, the conveyors should be tough and durable. In order to do the work efficiently and at a good pace, high-quality conveyors are enough. But, it should be made up of good material which can handle the works and materials being moved on it. We use the strongest materials along with good base materials to provide proper support and easy movement to your assets.

We are continuously increasing the levels of our products and providing the most wanted industrial solution. We are running with the industrial standard and complying with all of your needs. Feel free to contact us related to any query related to industrial solutions.

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