Screw Conveyors

Product Details:
Material SS- 304
Main hopper capacity 100-200 Kgs
Diameter of pipe 5 to 10 inch (according to feeding capacity)
Geared Motor 2 HP
Power requirement 440 V AC, 50 Hz. 2 kW

As the name suggests, screw conveyors are structured as big screws. These conveyors help us to move the liquid or granular items to certain places. These conveyors are actually big rotating screws that are fixed inside a cavity. Like the curves of the screw moves, the material also starts moving in the desired direction. Screw conveyors are used widely in the beverages, powder and metal industries to handle the movement of raw materials most of the times. We have separate production teams and environment for this type of crucial industrial solutions. We are capable of providing the best screw conveyors to fulfill your demands with full satisfaction.

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Highlights of our screw conveyors

Cost Effective

These conveyors are actually more efficient and cost-effective as compared to other types of conveyors. But, we are making it more easy for you to have access to these conveyors. The whole manufacturing process of these conveyors is difficult because of their complex shapes. With our wonderful production techniques and fast installation services, we are making it easy to have access to it.

Able to move bulk Materials

We use highly durable materials and good movement mechanism to effectively move the bulk materials to different places. We also use powerful motors to operate these big screws. Due to this, our machines become the most powerful and effective to handle every type of bulk movements of different materials. Also, we take extra care of the safety by covering these screws with good covering materials.

By using our services, you will get the most-wanted screw conveyors and other industrial products affordable and perfect at the same time. We use perfect techniques to build and install these big machines by which your industrial needs can be fulfilled accordingly. For further queries, feel free to contact us.

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