Rotary Head Kurkure Extruders

Product Details:
Product Specification A perfect design of Rotary head extruder to produced crunchiness, good quality Kurkure. The machine is very durable, cost effective & operator friendly.
Production Capacity 110 to 120 Kgs / hour
Barrel OD 115 & ID 80 (Die Steel)
Screw OD 80 & Length 200 mm (Die Steel)
Bearing SKF/FAG Make
Die Material Bronze
Main Motor 25HP,3 phase, 415V, (Crompton Greaves Make)
Feeding Motor 5 HP, 3 phase, 415V, (Crompton Greaves Make)
Drive (VFD) 5 HP AC (FUJI / Delta Make)

To get the Kurkure from the prepared raw material, an extruder is used for this. This extruder to the work of passing the material from dies and then cut its one end when it reaches a certain length. This rotary head Kurkure extruder is able to give multiple Kurkure at a time. The machine is able to produce the desired amount of Kurkure to fulfill your needs. The machine has one end for feeding the material for the extruder dies and second for getting the prepared Kurkure snacks. These Kurkure snacks can be transferred further to the frying lines.

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Why choose IPack India?

By choosing IPack India, you will get the best quality Kurkure extruders made with the best quality stainless steel material. This machine runs with the help of a highly advanced motor and transmission system. We will give you lots of opportunities to get the desired type of machines with the help of our services.

Great Machine Design

With the help of our professional designers, we have designed the machine in a way that it can produce a maximum number of Kurkure at a time. We take care of everything related to the quality and quantity of our work. We have optimized this machine to provide a faster extruder process possible.

Easy to Operate

The machine is easy to operate also. Any one will a little bit of familiarization with this machine can start using it properly. This extruder provides the best quality Kurkure snacks by which your product can be enhanced. This machine will give you the most desired outputs with the highest efficiency. Its power consumptions are also very low.

By using our services, you will see a huge change in your production rate and also the product quality. In case of any other query, feel free to contact us!

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