Product Details:
Roster cell Inner Diameter -800 mm,L- 4200 mm
Flavor cell Inner Diameter -800 mm,L- 4200 mm
Material Grade SS304
Frame Material Stainless Steel
Roaster Motor 1 HP,415 VAC
Flavour Drum Motor 1 HP,415 VAC
Heater 24 KW,220 VAC

This machine is used to roast the desired material on a specific temperature and then give it the seasoning. The machine is filled with the extruded material like snacks and then roast them in its roasting section. That roasted material is then transferred to the masala drum where the appropriate amount of flavoring is applied to the products. In this way, this machine becomes big and double-decker too. Each section has its own dedicated working for which it is designed. IPack India is also providing its services for providing Roasted and Masala Drum to various food industries.

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Why choose IPack India?

IPack India evolving new ways to introduce the best machines to the food industry. We are committed to serving our clients with their desired products. In food production and packaging works, we are doing a great job from a very long time. The machine which we developed is highly popular in the industry.

Low Power Consumption

We have made all of our machines and systems to work with the minimum power consumption. The systems and motors which we install in the machines are of high quality and able to provide the most efficient working. We also use additional systems to make our machines as much efficient as possible. Low Power Consumption machines are needed these days in this industry and we are providing the same.

Advanced Control Panel

To make it easy to control each function of the machine, we make the control panels easy to operate and advanced at the same time. We make the control panels in a way that they can control every operation of the machine with its highest preciseness. Our engineers always keep trying to make the machines efficient and easy to operate with their innovative techniques.

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