Rewinding Machine

Product Details:
Max Parent reel dia 400 mm
Max rewind reel dia 400 mm
Max width of reel 400 mm
Max Designed Speed 120 mt./Minute
Rewind Core Size 76mm
Web Aligner Hydro- Pneumatic with Sensor for web controlling
Drive VFD Controlled
Rollars 8 Aluminium rollers and 2 rollars for opening and closing end
Line Speed Controlling through Encoder

To rewind or unwind the wrapping materials, a rewinding machine is used in the industries. These machines are used to rewind different materials made up of aluminum, plastic, etc. This machine is required in the industries where the recycling of the products are required. This machine has its big applications in different industries including food and non-food industries. This machine uses various motors and conveyors to successfully rewind the materials for the bottles, jars, etc. Sometimes these machines are required to unwind the wires too. By using this machine, the rewinding work which is difficult to do with hands will become easy.

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Why choose IPack India for Rewinding Machine?

IPack India is giving its best services for the manufacturing and sales of rewinding machines according to your needs. These machines can help the industries to do the works under limited times and full perfection. We have developed new ways to improve the working of this machine. We provide the best installation works for the machine if you need. Some other advantages of choosing us are as follows.

High-Quality Machinery

This machine provides high-quality services to clients. We manufacture them with suitable materials fully complying with your needs and type of industry. We also use additional features to the machine such as rotary knives and smooth controlling. The machines provided by us are highly tolerable to the external interference with very fewer chances of damages.

Excellent Functioning

The machine will function smoothly without many problems. This machine runs with the best quality control system to optimize the total work process. This machine is versatile in nature providing its services for a different type of rewinding works for different applications. With our powerful building material, the machine becomes more compatible with every type of industrial rewinding works.

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