Corn Puff snacks processing line

Product Details:
Material of Structure ( MOC) SS 304
Snacks Type Puff snacks
Power Source 3 Phase, 415 VAC , 50 HZ
Capacity 100-300 Kg/Hr

Corn Puffs are lightweight puffs made of corn flour and some other ingredients. These puffs can be made with the hands but in order to get a fast manufacturing rate of these puffs, corn puff snacks processing line will help you. This processing line is specially designed to give the best corn puff production to the companies under the time limits. This processing line is the same as the ordinary lines made for other food products but it is only able to give you corn puffs. With the help of its advanced functioning, this machine will give you the most desired shapes, designs, and taste of corn puffs.

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Why choose Ipack India for corn puff snacks processing line?

IPack India is serving different food and non-food industries with its world-class food processing and packaging machine services. We are committed to making your production works easy and fast. With our this objective, we are giving our maximum efforts to optimize the processing lines to give the best results to the clients.

Fast Manufacturing Process

This machine is made up only to speed up your works. By using this, the corn puff production line will become faster and it will automatically increase your revenues. With the help of its innovative production approach, this production line gives opportunities to build a great brand image along with tasty corn puffs.

By using this processing line, the quality of your product will increase and there will be more chances for your business success. This production line has the features of smooth working, easy installation and quick maintenance services. This production line is enough to handle most of the tasks which are there during the whole corn puff production. In case of any other query related to this product line, feel free to contact us!

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