Puff snack Extruders

Product Details:
Capacity 120 Kg/Hr
Feeding Motor 1HP, 415 VAC,
SS Covering Automatic Electric Control Panel
Main Motor 30HP, 3 phase, 415VAC, 1475 RPM
Speed 1415 RPM

Puff Snack extruders are used to get the puff snacks of desired dimensions out from the machine. These extruders work with a certain sized die by which the raw material is passed accordingly. By doing this, we get the puff snacks ready for further processes in the required shape. The machine is able to provide multiple puff snacks out of the machine in very less time. This machine can easily be customized to increase or decrease its production rates. The machine will benefit the industries by giving them a new and fast way to get the best and appropriate shapes and amount of puff snacks.

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Why choose IPack India for Puff Snack Extruders?

By using IPack India’s Puff Snack Extruders, the puffs will come out with great perfection and desired sizes. There are no chances of errors in the machine. The machine will be able to give you the number of puff snacks as you want from it.

Better Snack Quality

By using this machine, the puff snack quality will increase and you will start seeing high demands for your snack products. This extruder will not only provide good snacks but also provide a great production speed. The machine has many benefits for the companies by which it becomes the choice of many snack manufacturers.

Support Services

In case of any problem or required support services, we are always here with our high-end support and maintenance team to solve your problems. If the extruders or any of our products get any error, we promise you to correct it under very less time.

We are providing the best food manufacturing solution to the firms with our high-end machines and production lines. We always use the best material and strategies while manufacturing our machines.

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