Pneumatic FFS Packaging machine- Granules

Product Details:
Pack Size 10gms-250gms
Roll Width 150mm(Min) - 300mm(Max)
Repeat Length 50mm(Min) - 150mm(Max)
Speed 40- 45PPM
Type of Bag Center Seal
Power Supply 415VAC, 3 Phase,50Hz
Consumption 2.5 to 3.0 KW
Compressed Air Required 4-7 CFM @ 6kg/cm2
Product Contact Parts SS-304/316L
Optional Attachments Hot foil batch coding, Nitrogen flushing
Filling Systems (a) Volumetric Cup Filler
(b) Auger Filler
(c) Loadcell controlled weigh filler

This machine is suitable for packing various commodities like Tea, Spices, Powders, Coffee, Mouth Fresheners, etc with Volumetric Cup Filler, Auger Filler and Weigh Fillers.The movement of the sealing jaws are operating through Pneumatic cylinders to get a perfect seal integrity.

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