Pellets snacks processing line

Product Details:
Material of Structure ( MOC) SS 304
Snacks Type 2D/3D Pallet Snacks
Power Source 3 Phase, 415 VAC , 50 HZ
Capacity 100, 200, 300, 500 Kg/Hr

Pellets snacks processing lines are good to handle the preparation works of pellet snacks. These snacks are of different type and made with different ingredients. To make tasty snacks from the raw materials, this processing lines is the most effective way to do it. This processing line is specially designed to customize the number of total feeding materials and also change the parameters output of snack products. This line will give you the most accurate and precise designs of the snacks as you detailed it in its controlling system. IPack India is also providing its services for this type of processing line and the reasons for choosing us are as follows.

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Why choose IPack India for Pallet Snack Processing line?

IPack India is proficient in giving processing lines for various snacks and other food items. Pellets snacks processing is one of our expertise. We have designed this machine to provide the most accurate and specified snacks in its output section. This line will give you the snacks fully ready for the packaging process.

Fully Automatic Line

This processing line works automatically by handling every type of work with the highest preciseness. The machine has been designed with different strategies to give the most wanted snack products. This can be achieved only with the world-class central control systems and sensing systems. We will give you the processing lines with the maximum outputs with minimum power requirements.

Easy to Clean

Food processing lines should be cleaned on a regular basis. And we have taken care of everything related to the cleaning of this line. The major parts of the machines can be cleaned by using good cleaning equipment and materials.

We will give you the machines that will provide you the highest opportunities for your business growth and success.

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