Nitrogen Pouch Sealing Machine

Product Details:
Product Specification This is a Semi-Automatic pneumatically operated vaccumising, sealing and Nitrogen Flushing Machine to enhance the product self life. The product can be pack any kind of a Powder, Dairy foods, Snacks food, Sea foods, Dry fruits, etc.
Pouch Length 75mm(Min) - 300mm(Max)
Pouch Width 75mm(Min) - 350mm(Max)
Pouch holding by silicon rubber to avoid wastage of Nitrogen.
Speed 5 -10 Pouches /min (Depends on Size of the pouch, Degree of vacuum required, Packing material, Type of product, Operator’s efficiency)
Power Supply 220 V AC, Single Phase, 50 Hz
Consumption 2.5 KW
Compressed Air Required 10 cfm@ 6 Bar
Vacuum pump is included with the machine.
Consumption 3.8 KW
Compressed Air Required 6CFM@6 Bar
Product Contact Parts SS-304
Optional Batch Coding Device, Nitrogen flushing unit, infeed conveyor, outfeed conveyor, Batch cutting unit, Pouch gusseting unit

To fulfill your demands for various industrial packaging machines, Innovative pack teck is always ready to support you. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of nitrogen pouch sealing machines, we are serving you with world-class solutions.

Our high-end production strategies along with great support staff are enabling us to give the companies their required products. We have a great environment to develop the best designs for these vital industrial machines. We implement those ideas to manufacture the machines with the best materials. In this way, we have become the best option for the industries for these type of machines. Our nitrogen pouch sealing machines will give you the resulting pouch filled with an appropriate amount of nitrogen. The amazing sealing technique will seal it properly afterward.

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