Multi Track FFS Machine for granules & Powder

Product Details:
Product Specification Fully Automatic Multi lane machine, suitable for packing small sachet of Granules& Powder such as Tea , coffee, Tobacco, Mouth Freshener, Hair Dyes, Detergents, Digestive salt in a 4 side seal .
Machine speed Up to 80 SPM/Per Track depending on the product & sachet/pouch dimension.
Packing range Suitable to pack 2-50g ,depending upon product characteristic
No. of tracks Up to 8 tracks depending on sachet/pouch width
Max. roll width 800 mm
Max. roll dia 350 mm
Max length of pouch Up to 200 mm
Film draw mechanism Options
Servo based
Electromagnetic clutch and break
Web controller Options
Electronic web edge control.
Pneumo hydraulic web edge controller
Compressed air 3-4 CFM @ 6 kg/cm sq.
Electrical power required Up to 10KW
Main Body Frame Option
MS with Powder coating.
MS with SS cladding
Type of Sealing 4 Side Sealing
Machine dimension 2830 mm X 1300 mm X 2000
(Height mm X Width mm X Length mm)
Net weight 1800 kg

Multi Track Form Filling sealing machines are good to fill the pouches in any direction of movement. These machines are utilized in different industries. The machines provide a solution to the industries by giving them a chance to fill the materials with full preciseness of quantity. This machine is a multi-track which allow you to fill multiple pouches at one time. The machine also provides the benefits of filling two different types of materials, one of which is granule based and the second is powder based materials. This machine has the capabilities to handle a big amount of works by filling different sizes of pouches with appropriate materials.

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Why choose IPack India for these machines?

IPack India is best to choose if you want these machines in your industry. We provide you the best solutions for filling powders and granules with this machine. We are providing highly competitive ranges of machines by which the demand for our products is increasing day by day. Some features of our machines are as follows

Advanced Control System

In our machines, we use high-end control and sensing system by which you can get the work which you need from these machines. With our innovative approach towards our work and manufacturing techniques, we are capable to provide you the most needed solutions in very less time.


With our innovative machine manufacturing approach, we are also able to give you the most affordable services as compared to the industry traditions. We are proving you the services on the prices which are settled by us and no one can compete with them. With the decrease in the prices, we never compromise with the quality of our products.

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