Horizontal Flow wrap Machine

Product Details:
Packing Material Only heat sealed laminated rolls are used
on this machine.
Sealing Type Center seal, Continuous type, 4 side Seal
Speed Upto 120 PPM
Power Supply 415 VAC, Three Phase, 50Hz
Consumption 3 KW
Main Motor 1 HP, Three phase, 415 VAC
Feeding System Automatic Feeder
Feeding conveyor 2 to 3 meter long
AC Drive 1 HP, for speed controlling
Temperature Controller PID Type

To wrap different products, bottles, pouches, and jars with attractive wraps, it is necessary to have an automatic machine. A horizontal flow wrap machine is the best way to do this. This machine does the work of wrapping the desired objects with a pre-defined wrapping material on a horizontally moving surface of the conveyor. This machine can do the wrapping work on a great pace and enhance your production process. The machine is used in different industries like beverages, coffee, tea, sugar, grocery, etc. Some non-food industries also use these machines to wrap their products with the desired materials.

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Why choose IPack India?

IPack India has the ability to adapt to the changes in the industry. With our advanced research system and a good working environment, we are creating a good platform for the industries to grow with the help of our products. We have developed these machines to do its work with full perfection and a good pace. By doing it, we are giving the companies a way to improve their products by giving them an attractive look.

Fast Machine Operation

Our horizontal flow wrap machine will work on a great pace as per your needs. You can also adjust these things by using its advanced control systems. The machine will provide you the desired results under the best price ranges. We are highly affordable and reliable as compared to any other packaging service provider.

Support and Maintenance

We also provide the best support services for our machines. Our experienced maintenance team is always ready to give the necessary support solutions to our clients. With our great approach towards the installation works, we also take extra care of the support services.

We are utilizing the best strategies to fulfill all of your needs. In case of any other query, feel free to contact us anytime

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