Flavor applicator with tumbling drum

Product Details:
Diameter 800 mm, L 4200 mm
Frame Structure Grade SS304
Motor Power 1 HP
Voltage 415 VAC
Material Grade SS304

This machine is structured like a horizontal drum which does the work of blending the product and slurry together. The movement of the machine is controlled by its internal motors. The speed of this tumbling drum can be varied using its advanced control system. The machine has a big hole to fill all the mixture in it and after it starts, it will start doing its work for which it is made. It will apply the flavors to the products with full preciseness. The product will be fully prepared for the next process whether it is a frying line or packaging line.

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Why choose IPack India for this machine?

IPack is an innovative food machine product supplier which provide high-quality machines to the food production companies. With our high-notch services and manufacturing techniques, we are doing good works for the enhancement of our industry too. By providing different ways to customize the machines according to the needs, we have fulfilled lots of customer demands which could not be done by any other machine supplier.

Precise Functioning

We provide the machines that are focused on their main functioning criteria. We provide various control along with the machines to give our clients the ability to customize the working of the machines. Whether you are running the machine on its highest limits, it will give you the most precise results. There will be no chances of error when you use our machines.

Professional Manufacturing Strategies

We never stay in traditional manufacturing techniques. We always keep evolving the most professional and efficient manufacturing strategies to improve the production rates and its perfection. We are committed to giving you the machines according to your production environment. Whatever you need is? We are here to give you the best industrial machine solution for you every demand.

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