Flavor applicator

Product Details:
Material Stainless Steel
Power Source AC
Material Grade SS 304
Motor Power 1 HP
Voltage 415 VA
Phase Type 3 Phase

Different food items and snacks have different flavors. After the preparation of these flavors, flavor applicators are used to apply them on the desired materials. Flavor applicator is a machine used to do all these works automatically. Once you fill it with the material and flavor, the machine will do its work and apply the flavor on the desired material in a uniform manner. By using this machine, the application work which should be done with the hand is done with the machine and the whole process becomes faster. This machine works with the help of motors and a big drum dedicated to the flavor application process.

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Why Choose IPack India for Flavor Applicator?

IPack India is providing the best flavor applicators for your food industry needs. We have developed new ways to improve these machines. To make your products match the advanced food standards, we are helping you by providing the best quality machines.

Crystal Clear Machine Finishing

Our machines are made with high-quality build materials and then we give them a clear finishing which increases its attractiveness. With this machine, you will get the best outputs in the form of flavor application. This will help you to increase your food product standards. By using advanced electronic and mechanical equipment, we have made this machine to do its work very efficiently.

On time Delivery

With our fast and advanced manufacturing techniques, we are able to give you the flavor applicator machines on your desired time. You just have to tell us the timeline and we will install it in your workplace with the help of our professional staff. We are committed to giving you satisfactory results and it is possible only if we use the most efficient production techniques.

In the case on any other query, feel free to contact us anytime!

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