FFS Packaging Machine - liquid & semi-liquid

Product Details:
Product Specification This is a operator friendly and very versatile machine to pack various type of liquids & Semi Liquids such as shampoo, ketchup , oil, cream, paste, etc.
Weight to be packed 2ml -200 ml (Liquid)
Roll Width 60mm (Min) - 350mm (Max.)
Repeat Length 40mm - 200mm
Machine speed 35 - 40 PPM.
Pouch Type 3 side seal / 4 side seal
Power Supply & Consumption 220VAC, Single Phase. 50 Hz
Consumption 2.5 to 3.0 KW.
Pulling Mechanism Die Roller Driven (SS 304)
Sealing system Rotary Sealing Jaw (SS 304)
Gear Box Unit Bonvario make
All product contact parts SS304
Bearings SKF /FAG makes
Optional Ink Coding

To pack liquid and semi-liquid materials, it requires high-end machinery which can fill the bottles and pouches with the appropriate amount of liquids. These machines are utilized in the liquid manufacturing industries. It is tough to fill the bottles and pouches with the liquid if you do not have good machinery for this. If you own a big industry, then opting for FFS packaging machines will increase your production and packaging speed. By using this machine, it will be easy for you to compete in the industry and give unmatched services to the market.

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Why choose IPack India?

IPack India is the one-stop solution for every type of industrial packaging machine needs. With our range of different products and services, we are delivering the best FFS packaging machine for liquid and semi-liquid materials. We are promoting our work strategies with the latest technologies to give our clients the solution they need from us.

Robust Machine Construction

In the production of these machines, we use the most advanced and unparallel techniques popular worldwide. This FFS packaging machine utilizes the best technology in the world by which you will be able to get the results you wish for. We also use good construction materials and control systems to increase the quality of the output.

Easy to Operate

If you are opting for our services for these machines, we will give you fully automatic machines with the easiest operational functionalities. This machine comes with a fully automatic system to fully automate the whole process. But some controls should be done manually which are easy if you are using our manufactured machines.

We have taken care of everything related to the advanced designing process and functioning of the machine. In case of any other query, feel free to contact us.

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