FFS Packaging Machine-granules & Powder

Product Details:
Product Specification This is the economical version of Form Fill Seal Machine, can pack Granules, Powder Products such as Tea ,Coffee, Spices, Salt, Tobacco, Mouth Fresher, etc in a 3 side/4 side seal sachets.
Pack Size 10gms-100gms
Roll Width 150mm(Min) - 300mm(Max)
Repeat Length 50mm(Min) - 150mm(Max)
Speed 40-50PPM
Type of Bag Center Seal/3 side seal/4 side seal
Power Supply 220VAC, Single Phase,50Hz
Consumption 2 to 2.5 KW
Product Contact Parts SS-304/316L
Optional Attachments Hot foil batch coding, Nitrogen flushing
Filling Systems (a) Volumetric Cup Filler
(b) Auger Filler
(c) Loadcell controlled weigh filler

Form Fill Seal Packaging machines are good to pack any type of materials. When we talk about granules and powder-based products, packaging machines should pack the material with full accuracy. The machine should have the ability to observe the filling object and fill the filling material into it. By using automatic machines for this purpose, you can easily get the most out of your packaging works. These machines will definitely increase your work quality if you use them in a proper way. This machine can be used in industries such as tea, sugar, detergent, coffee, etc.

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Why choose IPack India for this machine?

IPack India is the best option to choose for different packaging machines. This machine is best to find the best opportunities for good packaging strategies. We have designed and manufactured this machine to provide opportunities for the best powder and granule packings. We have overcome the disadvantages of traditional packaging machines with the help of this.

Advanced Self-Adapting Software

These machines work on different software which decides the functioning of the machine. We have used the most advanced software to give you the best in class packaging solutions. With the help of this software, these machines become the best way to pack the materials fully complying with your needs.

Customizable Outputs

You can easily customize the outputs of your material with the help of this machine. You can adjust the quantity of the material including the speed of functioning too. Its customizable processing makes it different from other machines and that is why it is one of the most demanded machines in the industry.

By choosing our services, you will get the best packaging services which will enhance your product quality and speed on manufacturing. Feel free to contact us in the case of any other query.

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