Belt Conveyors

Product Details:
Length As per request
Belt Material PVC, PU, Rubber
Belt Width 50-1000 mm
Speed Min 3 m/min; Max 30 m/min
Motor 220-240 V (delta)/380-415 V Y (Star)/50 Hz
Structure Aluminum, stainless steel, SS 304 / 316

To do industrial works like production, manufacturing, packaging, loading, and unloading, conveyors can help a lot. These are a special type of belts which runs continuously and provides a continuous base to place the objects which are to be transferred to the one end of the machine. These belts are made up of special and durable material and run with the help of motors. The speed and power of the conveyors can also be adjusted. We are also providing our services for these machines. We provide different types of belt conveyors to ensure healthy and fast movement of the desired products and materials.

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Highlights of our Belt Conveyors(Durability)

Conveyors need to be durable and strong to move any type of objects in the industry. If metal or any other hard object is to be moved then it will need a belt specially designed for this. We take care of everything related to the durability of the conveyors. We manufacture these conveyors under the best production environment and then place on a strong base to ensure the long life and effective working of the conveyor.

Different Sizes

You may need a long or short conveyor depending upon the work you are doing in your company. We are able to give you the desired product as per your needs. We manufacture various sizes and shapes of conveyors with many additional features to give you full access to perfection. We can provide you the best customization for your conveyor by which you will get the most desired things in your conveyors.

We know the importance of these items in the industry. That is why we do our work with commitment and perfection. By doing this, we are able to manufacture and install these type of world-class machines to your working areas fully complying with your needs.

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