Bucket Elevators

Product Details:
400 mm food grade bucket. (Nylon Grade).
Power 3 Phase, 415VAC,50 HZ
MOC Stainless Steel/ Mild Steel ( As per request)
Dropping Height As per request
No. of in feed point 1 to 8 ( As per request)
Variable speed frequency drive controlled system for adjusting the speed low & high.
Level Sensor for Automatic Inter Locking of Feeder.
No. of in feed point: 1 to 8 ( As per request)

Bucket elevators have a huge scope in the industries where the loads are heavy and should be lifted to heights. These are called elevators because they only move the objects in the vertical direction. In industries like metal, wood, grains, etc, these elevators are needed. They provide different applications and work on different principals. Some elevators run like a belt whereas some works as different buckets. But these elevators are very effective in handling the most intense practices in the indoor and outdoor industrial works. We are proving various types and shapes of bucket elevators for a different type of industries.

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Highlights of our bucket Elevators

Able to handle a variety of materials

We manufacture the bucket elevators which are capable to lift heavy weights in any industry. These elevators are of high quality which always gives positive results to the owners. These elevators are made up of different materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. You can use these elevators to lift the metallic things easily. Just after the installation, these elevators are ready to use for any kind of your work.

Custom Designed Elevators

If you need a specially designed elevator to provide a special type of works then we can also do this for you. We provide highly customized elevators according to the work you do. We are able to build these elevators using different materials and designs to fulfill all of your needs. We can give you a belt and chain type elevators. These elevators have different capacities and capabilities to fully give you the desired results.

The elevators provided by us are highly tested and secure from dust and harsh weather conditions. We can design them to do various works ranging from free-flowing to average. In case of any query or question, feel free to contact us.

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