Batch Mixer

Product Details:
Product Specification Batch Mixer is an efficient and versatile blending machine for mixing of dry granules & powders homogeneously. Various materials can be mixed in Batch mixer through a gentle way, especially in food material mixing. Furthermore, high speed chopper is also available to break some lumps during blending process.
Features Ribbon and Paddle agitator design as alternation
Gentle mixing for fragile materials
Easy cleaning and maintenance
Food Grade Packing Gland Seal
GMP design of mixer
Heavy Duty Design
Batch or Continuous Mixing Process

Batch mixers are used to mix the ingredients in the batches one by one. When one batch is placed in the mixer and discharged after the mixing, only then the next set of ingredients can be filled into it for the mixing. These mixers are used where different food items are to be mixed. The mixer is used mostly in the food industries where food is mixed in the sets using different ingredients and flavorings. This mixer has the same feeding sections where the material is filled. IPack India is providing its services for batch mixers which are made with advanced manufacturing techniques.

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Why choose IPack India for Batch Mixer?

IPack India is a supplier of different food processing and packaging machines. We are providing these solutions to our clients with full perfection and dedication. We are providing batch mixers to fulfill all your needs related to food mixing. Our batch mixers are able to blend the things appropriately with the most precise quantities. These mixers can be easily utilized to mix a different kind of things at different times.

Easy to Clean

While changing the batches with different materials, these mixers need to be cleaned appropriately. We have designed it in a way that you can easily clean it every time you want. Once you cleaned it appropriately, it is ready for its next batch.

High-End Motors

This machine uses high-end motors with the highest power outputs. This batch mixer is able to give the desired mixing solutions by using its structure and heavy duty motors. This machine is able to run on a continuous basis for longer periods. The main thing on which we focus on is power and build quality. You will get every advanced feature in this mixer to fulfill your demands.

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