Belt weighers

Product Details:
Product Specification Pulses, Rice, whole spices
Quantity Upto 1Kg
Conveyor/ Vibrator system for feeding of material
Heavy duty hopper to feed the material to both the heads
Foot switch/ Hand lever operation for dropping of material
Digital weighing panel Touch Screen (for weight setting and parameter adjustment)
PLC based weigh control system “Delta” make
Pneumatic Technology “Pneumax / Camoozi” make used
Motors ”Crompton / Siemens” make
Speed 14-16 fillings per min.
Power 1.5 Kw.
Voltage 220 Volt A.C. + 5 volt.
Air Consumption Dry air 2-3 CFM at 6-bar pressure.
All contact parts are of Stainless Steel.
Bulk & fine Feeding by mode of AC Drive for both heads
State of art technology used
Compact and robust machine.
Very simplified operation.
Low maintenance
Compressed Air connection and single phase industrial voltage stabilizer( for constant voltage ) has to be provided by customer

Belt weighers or belt scales are widely used to move bulk materials in both indoor and outdoor industrial productions. These belt weighers not only helps in the movement of the material but also measure the weight of the total transferred material to the destination. This is great machinery to use in big industries where tons of material come and go on a daily basis. These machines help to precisely weigh the material and provide better accountability to the production processes. These belts are used mostly in agricultural units, food suppliers, metal industries, etc.

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Why choose us?

These weighers are made with the help of loadcell weighers which works electronically to measure the weight of anything. We are using a new approach towards this innovation where we use great quality of products for its manufacturing. Our belt weighers have a robust contraction and low maintenance chances and charges. They are able to weigh the different type of weight according to their capacity and your requirements.

Highly tested and trusted

While manufacturing these belt weighers, we have used different loadcells for each unit to give the most accurate and quick weight response to the controllers. There are digital sensors which come to the work when the speed is less or more than the general. We deliver this equipment after highly testing in our laboratories and in the field too. These weighers are capable to work in harsh condition without many damages. With our support services, you are free from any major work outages. It is also possible to measure the flow of the material being passed through the loadcells.

By using services, it is easy now to get the best weighing and measurement equipment for your industrial needs. We are committed to providing high-end services to our customers by which they can grow their businesses to their upper limits.

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