Automatic Stick Pack Machine

Product Details:
Product Specification Single Lane Stick pack Machine can pack Sugar, Tea, Coffee, Milk Powder, Ketchup, Jelly, Honey, Liquid Chocolate, Powder, Cocoa Powder etc.
Sealing System Heat Sealer, Pneumatically Operated
Filling System Spool Valve
Machine speed 35 - 40 PPM.
Pouch Type 3 side seal pack.
Power Supply & Consumption 415 VAC, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, 3 KW.
Compressed Air 4-6 CFM @ 4-6 pressure bar.
Automation PLC controlled, MMI with digital; display
Hopper Jacketed Hopper along with Stirrer system.
All product contact parts SS-304

Stick Packing Machines are highly demanded in powder, coffee, and liquid packing industry. These machine packs using a single sheet of film material which is rolled and stick to form a packet for filling the material into it. This machine works fully automatic by doing its work completely with the help of predefined commands and programming fed to it. These machines are good to automate the packaging works of small amounts of materials. The dimensions of stick packs can be adjusted as per your needs. This machine is good where the material is to be packed with a great pace and increased preciseness.

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Why choose IPack India for this machine?

Along with a variety of packing machine solutions, IPack India is providing its services for the manufacturing and sales of stick pack machines. The working of this machines can be customized to fulfil your needs. The machines work automatically as you want it to do.

Fast and Accurate Packaging

With its good working speed, the machine also provides enhanced accuracy. If you are doing this type of packaging with the hand or with traditional machines, it will be difficult to have both speed and accuracy at the same time. But by using this machine, it is fully possible to do. The machine consists of the system which is capable to provide the best stick pack solution to the industries for their desired products.

Our machines are running with trends and working regularly to enhance their outputs. With our innovation towards the industry, we have achieved great success in the field. Taking the legacy further, we are evolving new ways to improve our services and give our clients the range of desired products under the best rates. Feel free to contact us in the case of any query.

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