Automatic Packaging Machine

If you want to make your industrial packaging work fast and accurate then you must have to go for automatic machines. By using automatic packaging machines, your packaging works will become smoother. We are providing the most advanced and high-end packaging machines for different type of industries. With our services, you will get the desired type of machines suitable for packaging of different products and materials. The list of our Automatic Packaging machines is as follows.

VFFS Packaging Machine with Multi-Head Weigher

It is a versatile packaging solution which is capable of working in different industries including powder, snacks, granules, etc. The machine has both multi-head weigher and packaging system to accurately fill the desired amount of material in the pack.

VFFS Packaging Machine with Auger Filling system

This machine is specially designed for the filling purposes of granule and powder-based products. These machines can handle all the work from filling and sealing of the packs.

VFFS Packaging Machines with cup filling system

To fill the cups of different sizes, this machine can help you a lot. The machine can handle a variety of packaging works by which your industrial processes becomes easy.

VFFS collar type Machines with Auger ( 5 & 10 Kgs powder)

We also provide VFFS collar type Machine with Auger which is specially designed for the weights between five to ten kgs. The machine can only be used for powder products only.

Multi-Track FFS Machine for Liquid & semi-liquids

This machine has the feature of filling fluids into the pouches and other utensils by using more than one track. It can speed up your work by filling multiple packages at a time.

Multi-Track FFS Machine for granules & Powder

This machine has the same mechanism as above but it is able to fill granules and powder products too.

Automatic Stick Pack Machine

We provide a stick pack machine also to provide you the best stick packing works for different sizes of pouches. It comes with multiple lanes to become more fast and reliable.

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