Auger Filling Machine- Powder

Product Details:
Feeding Head Auger Screw Filler with Servo Driven motor.
Production Speed 60-70 pouches per minutes
Film Material Laminated
Type of Sealer Hermatic Sealing System
Filling Accuracy Filling Accuracy /- 1% (Max)
Style of Pack Center Seal Pillow Type
Compressed Air Pressure 6kg / cm2 at the application point, the moisture contain should not be more than 0.1%
Machine Control System P.L.C (Screen touch Programmed Logic Controller).
Power Requirement 3 Phase, 415 V, 50Hz - 3%

Filling powder in jars/bottles is one of the difficult tasks in these type of industries. The powder is difficult to fill inside the bottles because of their tiny necks. To help you in this industrial process, we are providing you the best auger Filling machine for powder filling purposes. This machine will help you to fill any type of powder, granules whether they are free falling in nature. This machine is enough to do your work on an enhanced speed and more efficiently. The work done by the machine will be accurate and will not do any wastages.

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Why choose us?

With the help of our precise filling instruments attached to the machine along with high-end alignment system, you will get spotless powder filling services from our machine. We have designed this machine in a way that it can do intense works efficiently without any hassles.

Advanced Control System

This machine has a wonderful controlling system which runs digitally with the help of advanced computer programming and processing units. With our digital approach towards our machines, we are capable to manufacture the machines which are demanded by all the industries.

Good Support Services

Backed with our high-end assistance of professionals, we provide the most affordable and easy to access auger filling machines for powder products. By giving proper maintenance to the machine, it will give its helping hands for your success for longer periods without any faults. We always promise you to serve you with the high-notch industrial solutions. And this product is also our big tribute to our objective of running this business. This machine includes adjustable belts, rollers, overload protection, and many other features. Temperature controlling system is also there in the machine. We will deliver the machine to your location at as less time as possible. Just contact us anytime, we are always ready to help you.

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